Sex shop Budapest, Karoly krt. 14. entresol

Sex shop Budapest Intim Center Info. You can buy in a shop personally, because all products are in stock. The sexshop address: 1052 Budapest, Karoly krt. 14. entresol. Phone +36 1 317-0918

In downtown Budapest the store is open every day.
On weekdays: Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 20:00
On the weekend: 9:00 – 18:00


4 Társ Kft. operated the Intimcenter sexshop in Budapest and hosted online webshop. Tax number: 10975363-2-41, data management code: NAIH 67919/2013.
Buy online here – General terms and conditions – Data security – Shopping basket
If you want buy sexual and erotic accessories, sexfilms, or sexual lingeries, please visit our shop in Budapest (or search that online at website.)

The door is open, pls. pushed strongly. Looking for a title „Intimcenter” above the door.
You can go up by elevator and staris. Just the shop is on the entresol.

Driving directions and Google map.

The store opened 30 years ago You can come to the house as a single people who living in the there. This shop is about 100 meters away from the Astoria metro station. Pls find us in the direction of Deak Square.
We pay attention to the device procurements. We have a huge range of products. You can choose from many sexfilm topics,and you can buy, borrow or view the porn movie in cabins.
We recommend you visit the shop where our shop assistants help you make the right choice. They show how handle the product. If you want you can held the product in your own hand.

Some products can only be found in the shop. If you choose and order a sexual accessorie in a webshop we can mailed or send with courier immediately. All products are in stock and you get it in a discrete packing (The sender is 4 Társ Kft)

There are 20 unipersonal and a twosome air-conditioned cabin, more than 10 000 sexfilms in the intim shop. You can borrow, buy and swap the DVDs.

All the professional sexual tools can be found in Intimcenter sex shop. Example: vibrators, realistic vibrators, anal-vibrators, exclusive vibrators, dildos, anal eggs, geisha-balls, lingeries, etc.


4 Társ Kft. operated the Intimcenter sexshop in Budapest and hosted online webshop. Tax number: 10975363-2-41, data management code: NAIH 67919/2013.

Excuse me, the following this translated Google:
The shop all professional tool can be found, which the world can only be obtained: Plate – Jelly Vibrators – Realistic Vibrators – Letapasztható Vibrators – G-point vibrator – Rotary heads, special knowledge vibrators – Exclusive vibrators – Anal Tools – Prosztataizgatók – Anal Tools vibrator no – Anal balls – Anal tools vibrator – Dildos – realistic dildók- double-ended dildo – Eggs – Butterflies – Csiklóizgatók – Intimate Inventories – masturbator – Vibratory masturbator – Sex trucks – Sex Dolls – Penis rings, cuffs – Penis Rings – cuff – Extensions – attachable devices – Chinese Balls – S / M products – spanking – Breast Clamps – Masks – tying – Clamps – Others – libido – lubes – Sex Pharmacy – Perfumes – Intimate hygiene – creams, sprays – Gift items – Toys / games – Funny gifts – DVD-videos – Sexy lingerie – Hosiery – Cat clothes – Sexy dresses – Accessories.

Specification of the materials used in the devices:
Cyber (Cyber skin) been invented a new material that gives the same feeling as the human skin: soft and flexible. Perhaps the best, but in any case the most expensive vibrator, baby, vagina and tool material.
Silicone: also soft and flexible, very flexible, allowing up to four times its original size, is able to achieve.
Gel: the former has advantages, one of the most suitable material in said sex toys.
Latex: your clothes become more material, because it does not provide enough soft and flexible enough to tamper compelling experience. Pretty cheap, but it is not realistic pótérzés. Flexible attachment to the penis, rings, however, is excellent.

The culture is huge in the west, Hungary, only a few years ago is not taboo. Among many advantages, the only drawback is that women függőivé become careless and do not otherwise be able to achieve orgasm.
I have not been a survey, the Hungarian women’s sexual habits really faithfully portray. We can only guess how many people gain pleasure themselves regularly, how many are employed lesbian thoughts, how many people are really proud of satisfying sexual life, many people lured by their constant partner, many people excited about the porn films, etc.-etc. It was no more statements, many Hungarian women have a vibrator, as it is not so much the sex shops, rather than the Internet offers a great opportunity to gain pleasure author objects to where it all done discreetly and faceless.
Today, a large supply that there is no special requests, we can not deliver sustained after browsing. We have cheap metal cylinder category, Goliath, or a baby item to be completed. There vibrator szilikontüskékkel soft, colorful, fragrant, savory finish, there are quite soft structures like the whisper, or, conversely, as powerful as the Chelyabinsk reactor. There are prefixed waist models, minis bag can be made, are allowed under the shower water-resistant, specializing in compaction of the anus. Available nyuszifület forming structures that take care of all genital stimulation results in the same breath, in fact, buy up your favorite pornószínészünk hímtagját, if you want, being increasingly used in the porn film stars genitals modeling artificial vagina, dildo, butt. The vibrators are already quite a few are supplied with a latex or foreskin is shockingly similar to the original scrotum. In some models, body temperature may be heated in the microwave, in ten seconds, others not even resemble the male sex organ. There is then a special vibrator to the nipples or izgatására satchel and pulled his penis head is dissipated and méretfokozók. Caution, not to be confused with a dildo dildóval, műpénisszel that without a male sexual organ modeling silicone or rubber engine. The more proficient recommend the use of a dildo as a vibrator, because women tend to get used to the very high frequency stimulation.
Big advantage is that találékonyságunkra left to imagination and how to use a vibrator. Yet every sex toy agents should be handled carefully. It is advisable to preserve the texture, on the other hand, to avoid any possible infections. So: Wash thoroughly after use and szárogassuk them, in fact, that they are not sticky, they should bepúderezni. Before use, we put our hands on a small pillow, do not make a big closet kotorászva pulling down tízperceket spend. When used lubricants are recommended.
Why is it used?
The vibrator provides the most intense form of stimulation, which causes pleasure we can for ourselves. For women, the clitoris and surrounding areas are strong, direct and relentless incitement receive what is often the language of the partner’s hand and your penis can not be guaranteed. These toys help men many erogenous zone is excitable, others that he did not know about. It pairs with mutual pleasure has become routine, the vibrator will help turn you into your sex life, and those who are already passionate about the sport practiced, is just icing on the cake. The vibrator can obtain safe and not unhealthy, and all joy.
Which one should I buy.
Get the vibrator is as personalized as, say, buying shoes. The difference is that you can not try before buying, or the goods. The following questions must also take into consideration before we look at porn sites:
You will only use the device or together with your partner? Vaginal or anal stimulation you crave, perhaps both at once? Primarily it seeks clitoris stimulation logs? If you are a man, you’ll want a vibrator to masturbate?
If you want your partner to use a vibrator, you better be selected based on a joint decision. For men, probably the best choice of sleeve-called penis-out structure, because it surrounds the penis and vibrations emit in all directions. Women fortunate position of vibrator concern because unending options to choose the most appropriate physical and mental potentials bloke and incitement mode.
Vibrator Form
Widely used in egg shells and pieces of molding, which is suitable for any intrusion, yet the outer stimulation really be used. Since it is not penis-shaped, men are more willing to include sex lives. The G-spot stimulation of specialized pieces bent his head to be able to exert sufficient for vaginal gentle pressure. Recommended for Men: anal stimulation of the almighty great player game prostate. The miniature vibrator Butterfly (butterfly), also called unique in that the female waist and thighs attached to it stimulates the clitoris to get to the hands-free orgasm. Vibratory panties are also available. The most widely used of the type which is suitable for penetration. Many people confuse the dildóval because both penis Format, although the vibrating dildo clitoris is izgatására to field properly. If such a thing would in the marriage bed, it is more appropriate to match the men in front of him if you bother to other penis pair is need.
Most Asian sex toy invention, such aids have been used in the East over a thousand years, yet the dildos and vibrators roots in the west. The dildo example. the ancient Miletus great popularity. The Miletus traders throughout the Mediterranean coast spread this article, you oliszbónak called, and then only gratified by the lonely ladies. A BC literary fragments of 3rd century is about a young woman’s husband went to war, so the lady will visit his girlfriend to borrow the oliszbóját, but sadly tapsztalja that has been lent to another girl. The story could end ugly among today’s conditions, but the fragment ends here.
The Renaissance Italy has dildo ran under the name of the product. The name probably comes from the Italian Diletta ‘fun’ word, but in the Middle Ages tool for comparing the Malvern hardly gained too much pleasure. After wood or leather (!) Made of lubricant was required, eg. olive oil. The material was not natural joy came early in the second half of the 19th century.
The history of the vibrator in the spirit of a long time was that the real purpose of trying to hide behind medical use of words such as. massage therapy. The first vibrator was developed 130 years ago, the treatment of female hysteria names illness. (No joke)! Well, in Victorian times, women did not anticipate having sexual beings, it is no wonder, then, that the simple sexual desire disorder considered. The doctors of the patients labia vibrator massaged – it was a cure for female hysteria. The 1860s are often the vibrator is a powerful water jet and steam-powered devices were replaced.
Until the late 19th century, it has become widely available electricity, so you could appear – still disguised as a medical product – the electric vibrators, strictly for medical use. But as the years have gone, the vibrator will soon also could buy the women to manage their homes hisztériájukat. From there it is a straight road to commercialization of the vibrator: 1921 Hearst magazine suggested the men to go to their wives to a vibrator that “young and pretty” remain.
The next breakthrough was reported in the early porn films. Who would believe that in the twenties had been used to gain sexual pleasure of contemporary porn stars? Clearly, the thirties, no longer openly advertised this product. Today’s easier for people to once again: unabashedly buy and use the product if you wish.
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anal tools
Most individuals may be satisfied, who very openly brave. From the smallest to professional anal string vibration ánusztágítókig everything that felkorbácsolhatja desire. Variety of shapes and special materials. You can find your dream means both male and female, the ‘pályakezdőtől “a” master degree “.

Tools, ladies
Women of all örömeiért!
Here everyone can find a favorite tool for simple matching plastic imitation penis from the vibrating eggs into a fantastic high-tech vibrátorokig. The joy of the acquisition today of limitless possibility, with these tools, however, the variety and the specialty is provided for both sexes.

tools for gentlemen
Devices that meet the needs of men. The choice is simple, erection rings a complicated and complex művaginákig cover, you can find all you need to excitement.

Penis Rings, extension
Each man is recommended to anyone who wants to step up to the skies erection! A more active, longer togetherness and complete sex. In particular, we would like to draw your attention to a very soft, flexible gel made of plastic or silicone penis sheath for the small protruding rods, spheres stimulate the woman’s vaginal wall has never seen a way out, lightly squeezed the penis. The result is unforgettable for both parties!

Nature skin
Sexy’d like to add, but you get tired of the artificial things? The best place keresgélsz, since the maximum of Nature Skin material feels like real leather, ensuring the coveted ecstasy. Today, from this fantastic material in addition to the regular and special anal vibrator made other accessories, such as normal and double dildo, butt plug or a baby was

Get kedvesednek luxurious pleasures of a real üvegdildóval! The mouth-blown hard glass has undergone a process at the temperature, resulting in the glass in extreme strength and hardness gained. A more enhanced, more intense pleasure of üvegdildókat warmed up (the radiator, boiling water bath or in the microwave) or cool (in a refrigerator) is also possible. The only limits dictated by your imagination – whether it’s anal or vaginal élményről, thanks to these dildos super smooth and shiny surface of both solutions can be easily and safely carried. The orgasm-oriented forms of nerve endings responsible for each kéjért manipulated.

Acryl devices
Brilliant sparkling, crystal gloss acrylic accessories, which allow the pleasures wide range of variations. This could be as vaginal or anal pampering, these products every profound idea feasible …

In order to enhance the pleasure is advisable to use these products. the dildo in and művagináknak, however, the lubricants are essential concomitants, please note that the devices should only use water-based lubricant! A hot oil massage may elicit the skin, thus enhancing the special atmosphere of togetherness – regardless of age or gender!

Bondage – lashing
Classic, captivating variations! Now you can ensure yourself that your partner is not going to give the bed rakoncátlankodni … If there is no protruding parts, but vágyódsz of bondage (kötözős) games, these ties are now beloved stocks can do what you’ve always wanted. If the maximum trust your kind, it will deliver for you – let them play with your body (and soul)! … Because the bondage enhance your lust!

Sexy dresses
They suit were in this category, which does not leave anyone indifferent. The subdued fazontól the hot vadítóig pieces made of most materials can be found here. These clothes are popular around the world because of the unique scale works, very high-quality materials guarantee a sure success. The quality of work allows the wearer of these garments over long periods of time to enjoy the effect of shiny, silky or even mysterious materials.

lacquer products
If you like shiny black dress hid the body, and if I’m just waking up in the paint tapintásától …

Latex, rubber
The latex body tension makes it special intimate moments. Dear ones on a hot-linking can also close the bag, but mainly to provide a fantastic experience, as the body of each small climate picks up the dress …

Man clothes
The dull, monotonous evenings as they can not be heated in the ladies, men also do something for the frenzy of intimacy and night

S / M leather goods and accessories
These garments and tools made of harder, sometimes pain demanding visitors. We would like to note that the spread közhiedelemben S / M games are not necessarily wildness. It can be very irritating if you dress sexy to has shackled hands and slightly elkorbácsol. No pain, but there is awareness: Dear torments could live through “strikes”, but he will take care of you, excited and just pushing the boundaries …
Carry a little extra for the bedroom!

Metals, chains
Give your darling a cold, thick garments made from chain links, and let szabadjárá fantasies! Who likes a particularly erotic effect of the metal, to seek the right place …

Singles attention: here is your chance to have the peace of mind every day again! As the Ladies, Gentlemen the same way you can get a “feel like deaf” freedom of choice. The perfect companion, who never complains, and I’m just directed on you. The stag and hen parties recommend babies are very organized gatherings! The impact caused the experience and guaranteed to remain forever.

Medical games
Who does not show a willingness to work measuring a little deeper? These supplements the deepest secrets of the treasure caves can get enough information …

love swing
Finally, love is love swing wheel and providing countless opportunities here! Enjoy the most amazing poses and experience the incredible sex wonder you have not had the opportunity! There are many variations and options lies in the love of these plants, you can try your own home any time now …

Shoes, boots
The footwear is very important. For many, the most important thing. A nice legs of a gyöngyörű shoes can work wonders – and let’s not forget that this is the only fetish party at kiegészíző not be missing either!…

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